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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On 3/10/06, Rahul Sundaram <sundaram fedoraproject org> wrote:
> gb spam wrote:
> >>
> >>On another list I asked two simple questions of the anti faction:
> >>1) Would it be a big deal for the coders to reinstate the "Everything install"
> >>button?
> >>
> >>
> >
> >Rahul said a number of times that the cost was high.  When asked to
> >quantify what high meant, he neglected to answer.  My suspicion is
> >that it would be high on pride.
> >
> >
> Nothing to do with pride since I did give you the answer.  Its a choice
> between spending time on the list discussions or go back and do actual
> work and people have pointed out to me ( by swearing at me offlist)

its a sad state of affairs when somebody resorts to that.  all it does
is discredit their argument, even if they are right.

> the balance currently is tilted towards discussions. I have already
> explained several times on the list that Anaconda code has been
> rewritten to use yum and this feature has to be *reimplemented*

well, if you're going to reimplement something then you need to factor
all the costs rather than just wipe out oft used functionality.  If my
bank redesigned their web site and didn't retain my ability to pay
bills with it because "the reimplementation costs were too high" then
they would have made a mistake.

> the Anaconda developers told me that the code to reimplement this would
> be significant and they dont see enough merits to do so.  Combine that
> with the effect of this "feature" and the time spend in fixing and  hand
> holding new users who choose to use this option innocently and we land
> up with a high cost I cited.
> >>Not one of the vociferous anti-everything faction responded - this was
> >>reposted three times during a very long debate on the issue. My conclusion is
> >>that the decision had been taken, and the fact that numerous users disagreed
> >>with the decision was of no account. The debate was never truly a debate -
> >>the issue was decided without end-user input. So, I repeat, we're dealing
> >>with control-freaks - it's a bad sign for Fedora, in my view.
> >>
> >>
> Are the developers control freaks if they dont see implement every
> feature you wanted?. Contrary to perception, I also discussed option 2).
> The problem with hidden features (such as the previous expert option in
> Anaconda)  is that they provide a alternative code path that is rarely
> tested and turns out broken in subtle ways every now and then.  This is
> a merit based system in which people who do the actual work win in the
> end.

kindly reply to a comment made by a third party directly to their
comment.  it looks like i am the one calling the developers control
freaks here, when it wasn't.  if it makes sense to group a response to
two threads in a single comment please enure you attribute the sources
that you quote.

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