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Re: Samba problem needs translation

On Friday 10 March 2006 21:18, Craig White wrote:
> computers and politics - hmmm...strange bedfellows ;-)
> I find that things are easiest when all 'workstations' use DHCP and I
> can make changes to dhcp which are automatically loaded at startup on
> the workstation machines (be they windows/macs/linux), then you can
> insert things like netbios-server (WINS) into their configuration
> without going to each machine and actually manually configuring it.
I've always like static IP myself - of course with just one server, half a 
dozen workstations, and 4 laptops coming and going, it's a small enough lan 
to manage that.

> It's hard to justify taking the time and energy to remove NetBIOS on all
> the various systems and I probably wouldn't bother with it myself, and I
> suggested it merely because it is an option.
I'm always interested to hear of other people's ideas and experience.  They 
often lead me on to read things I wouldn't have found otherwise.


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