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Re: OT - convert m$ access files to openoffice base

kevin kempter dataintellect com wrote:
Anyone know of a reliable way to convert m$ access data to openoffice base?

I tried and did not have positive results with the process. Openoffice.org MSwindows and Openoffice.org for Linux had different database structures when I tried. The tables converted somewhat on the windows side but did not function on the Linux side.

They might have some solutions for compatibility from OS to OS. I tried when the openoffice.org-base package first premiered.

The most success that I had was when exporting the tables to excel and then exporting the spreadsheets to openoffice.org format. I stopped the attempt since it seemed quite a bit more of a challenge than expected.

If anyone has met with success when trying to convert MSaccess DBs over to Openoffice.org-base (windows-bound) and then over to Linux, I am interested in this possibility also.


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