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Re: FC4->FC5 upgrade options

Timothy Murphy wrote:
Craig White wrote:

One fact is never going to change though...a 'clean' install is
going to be entirely more predictable than an upgraded

Not all of the time. I prefer to upgrade over installing because of applications that I use might be complex enough to setup that reinstalling them again would not be a trivial undertaking.

How can you be so dogmatic?
The fact is, a "clean install" is going to fail completely on some machines,
so unless you call that "predictable" I don't see how your statement can be true.

Regressions that might only be due to some problem with the installer but not with the installed system versions recently bit me from FC5T2 to FC5T3. If FC5 is released and there is a regression in the installer, there is no easy way to get the system freshly installed. My problem with regression was pinned down during the shorter cycles and was due to kudzu entries for USB DVD drives. If regression catches someone from the final releases, they are stuck unless peroidic boot.iso images are released for corrected hardware vs. installer problems. In these instances the only path is to upgrade from a prior release that is installable and using yum or another method to upgrade the components. I would hope that discs which incorporate the latest fixes are made available in the repos during the FC5 cycle. Additionally, it would be great to be able to network install from a repo and obtain the most current version of FC5 without the post-install downloading of a lot of program updates. I suppose adding an updated boot.iso into the fedora-updates repo for FC5 would be a logical location for easier locating and for maintaining such an animal.

I've had 3 complete installs of RedHat and Fedora that have failed,
perhaps out of 50.
One was a SCSI-only machine,
and the other two were Sony Picturebooks.

I've had one upgrade that completely failed -
that was FC-2 to FC-3 on a Sony Picturebook.
However, the machine still worked (sort of).
I managed to upgrade in the end using yum.

I had to install FC5T2 and then yum up to FC5T3 because of regressions from test 2 to test 3. Yum, rpm and other updating schemes sometimes is the easiest way if not the only way to move forward. If some sort of scheme was developed to make a periodically released boot.iso, the need for alternatives like yum updating from workin releases would not be as much of a problem. I'm sure that it will still be needed with some hardware combinations unfortunately.


Do not simplify the design of a program if a way can be found to make
it complex and wonderful.

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