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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Jim Cornette wrote:

> At least the feature is realized now or ready for FC5. I use the right
> click a lot to find features hidden on other operating systems. I guess
> right clicking for Linux is becoming similar to find useful options.

Oh well, at least it is discoverable.  Hopefully that's the end of the
debate then!

> Yes, contacting the developer through bugzilla is more productive than
> overpopulating the list with point-counterpoint battles.
> I used battle on public lists over MS vs. Linux and battles were similar
> on outcome. I probably converted 2 over to my view while having another
> thousand holding onto what they were accustomed to.

As an expert on the subject of espousing views only to see the truck
rumble by in the same old direction anyway, it is hard to know if or
when your viewpoint might contribute to peoples' understanding of things
and affect things slightly a long way down the line.  Which is probably
more of a win if less detectable.

> Unless we were to redesign the installer ourselves, battling on the list
>  would only add more clicks to the reading of other Fedora issues on the
> list. The installer would still not handle easier installation or a more
> complete installation of what is available from the install media.

I do think if people disagree really strongly about something they
should ask themselves if they feel strongly enough to do the work.
Because that's the real meaning of the 'community' aspect, not beating
on Rahul.


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