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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

Les Mikesell wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 03:24, Andy Green wrote:
>> I do think if people disagree really strongly about something they
>> should ask themselves if they feel strongly enough to do the work.
>> Because that's the real meaning of the 'community' aspect, not beating
>> on Rahul.

> I don't see how that applies to things that were already there
> and the decision was to remove them.   Likewise for the

The decision was to recook the installer to be compatible with yum.
That is definitely a good decision going in the right direction.
Separately, IMO removing an everything button, which serves as
recommendation or guidance, is also a Good Thing.

> arbitrary decisions to move things to different locations
> than the place they have worked for ages which seems to
> happen in every release.

Somebody churns out the work, they make the decisions.  If you made a
better solution, offered patches and still RHAT ignore you then you will
find me making harsh complaints at RHAT and supporting your alternative.
 If you don't want to make any effort, but demand that the skilled
people responsible for it simply do as you would like then it's
fundamentally a childlike position experienced by MSFT users, where they
are not empowered to fork it.  You ARE so empowered, you are limited
only by your skill and the urgency of your desire to make what you want
real.  If RHAT ignore a superior GPL'd version then they are blatantly
failing to do the right thing and deserve opprobrium.  But if they
ignore your or my "mailing list theories" who can say.


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