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Re: How do I add a SATA drive to a system that already has an IDE drive?

This may be too basic but take appropriate precautions before making changes on your box.

Grub recognizes drives by hd0, hd1, hd2 etc  (first drive is hd0 <-'zero').
Again the partitions numbers in grub.conf are starting from zero onwards.
And finally default count also starts with zero.

What becomes hd0 (for grub.conf) out of hda or sda is hardware dependent but mostly I have seen that sda gets preference being treated SCSI. This is independent of boot sequence drive preference as selected in BIOS. YMMV.

So first read the man grub.conf, you will have more information.
Then adjust your bios (once for all) to point where you placed grub in MBR.
After that use some live CD/Boot CD / rescue CD to find wht is hd0 out of sda and hda. U may do this by trial / experiment.
Finally get your grub.conf file in shape by any method you know or search this list. and before you attempt to edit grub.conf make a backup of that file.

PS: /boot shall be located outside LVM.


The ide drive is /dev/hda, the SATA drive is /dev/sda. The problem is
with GRUB on /dev/hda, it never gets as far as loading the kernel. GRUB
hangs with the message: Loading stage 2. I have been reading the grub
docs, but I cannot find anything relevant. Does anyone know what GRUB is
doing at stage 2? I don't know what kinds of problems could lead to this
Derek Tattersall

Anil Kumar Shrama
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