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Re: Re: cryptsetup-luks

Gabor Walter wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like to encrypt my entire root fs using cryptsetup-luks. I didn't
> find any fedora specific howtos, but what I tried doing is supposed to work
> under other distributions.
> I have three partitions, (no lvm)
> /dev/hda1 /boot
> /dev/hda2 swap
> /dev/hda3 /
> What I wanted to achieve was an ecrypted / and a modified initrd image to
> ask for the passphrase at boot.
> Here is what I did:
> 1. installed FC4
> 2. installed cryptsetup
> 3. booted into a live cd
> 4. tar-red the entire / and ftp-d it to another computer
> 5. using cryptsetup on the live cd I created the encrypted /dev/hda3
> 6. ftp-d the tar file back and extracted it
> 7. chroot-ed to the hdd
> 8. mkinitd kernel.img kernel
> After reboot, however, system is not booting, not even asking for the
> passphrase.
> Anybody here got any experience with cryptsetup? What did I do wrong?
> Your help is really appreciated.
> Gabor Walter
> Hungary

I would recommend reviewing the dm-crypt wiki here:


There is a specific HOWTO for LUKS here:

and a good example of a script that can be used at boot here:


I use the above, with modifications, and put it into /etc/rc.d/rc.local.

You don't need to modify the boot image to achieve this.

Those should get you up and running.

Also, there is a list/newsgroup for dm-crypt accessible via GMANE here:



Marc Schwartz

Thanks for the idea. I know about the site you suggested. That's where I found some nice howtos. There was not one, however, about creating an entire encrypted root fs, which is my case. Therefore putting the script you suggested int /etc/init.d... does not help, because at that point /sbin is not accesible.
I think I'll post a message to that list as well.


Gabor Walter

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