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Re: FC4->FC5 upgrade options -- and GUIs

On Saturday 11 March 2006 18:09, Craig White wrote:
> ----
> knowing how to use an editor is part of the equation. Knowing which
> files to edit is the larger issue I think.

Of course, but knowing that doesn't necessarily give you the confidence.
> > Hmm - I suffered a complete loss of X a couple of years ago through a
> > broken mirror.  It wasn't funny.  And it couldn't be fixed by a tool such
> > as system-config-display.  The biggest problem, in that case, is losing
> > the life-line of list support.  Up to then I had never heard of the text
> > browsers, but I've made sure that I could manage if I ever had to again,
> > so at least I'd be able to use webmail to interface.
> ----
> sounds like you are trying to argue against my point by agreeing with
> it.

Not really.  What I'm saying is that having the ability and having the 
confidence are not necessarily the same thing.  I can't even say why my 
confidence has increased in this last few weeks, other than the fact that 
I've had help and encouragement when I needed it, and not too much scorn when 
I've done something ludicrous ;-)  I think that many more people have the 
ability than realise it, and there's a fine line between the gui being a help 
and a hindrance to developing the necessary confidence.

> > FWIW, I'm in favour of clean install, from my past experience, but I have
> > never yet managed to do two clean installs with identical results, even
> > ignoring the obvious hardware-related differences  ;-)
> ----
> I have seen that too - which is why I balked yesterday when the guy
> asked...how do I logout?  ;-)  and now the answer is confused since I
> recently switched over to KDE and have forgotten all the various menu
> structures that GNOME seems to present to me.
I've done four installs in the last few weeks, all with kde as the main 
browser.  There are huge differences between the installs.  I'm guessing that 
part of the difference comes from the group that I initially chose for the 
install, as in each case I chose the group with the nearest match to what I 
believed the box would be used for, then manually included or excluded a few.

I don't think there are many absolutes, these days.  Everything's too complex 
for that.


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