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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

akonstam trinity edu wrote:
At least the feature is realized now or ready for FC5. I use the right click a lot to find features hidden on other operating systems. I guess right clicking for Linux is becoming similar to find useful options.

Yes, contacting the developer through bugzilla is more productive than overpopulating the list with point-counterpoint battles.

I used battle on public lists over MS vs. Linux and battles were similar on outcome. I probably converted 2 over to my view while having another thousand holding onto what they were accustomed to.

Unless we were to redesign the installer ourselves, battling on the list would only add more clicks to the reading of other Fedora issues on the list. The installer would still not handle easier installation or a more complete installation of what is available from the install media.

This feature should positively stand out in the "highly read" release notes. would flashing text be too much?

I don't what you definition of productive is but this bugzilla was
not very productive in my view. Just to say that is the way it is
and install everything will never come back is not very responsive.

I read the response to the everything install to mean that there are too many outside repositories to make an everything install not possible. Then it dawned on me that if one is completing an install, they would get everything from the install media if the everything install really worked in that method. With that fact, a complete install off of what is available should theoretically possible. (except no one wants i386 packages if an i686 is available.)

Anyway, the comps.xml file or whatever should include most of the many packages which would not be pulled as a dep for another menu selection and packages assumed to be moved to another repo shortly after FC5 is released according to another bug reference regarding missed packages available on the install media.

When FC5 is released, I expect to be able to install all available or to not install a few of the default applications in re of a better alternate.

I hope the installation is easy, customizable to user preferences and works better than any of the previous releases.


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