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Re: From release notes for FC5T3 (web)

On Sat, 2006-03-11 at 10:06 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> What you don't get from the bugzilla entry but can get from parsing
> the developers list is that they are trying to shed packages from
> Fedora Core and push them out to 'Extras' and make 'core' truly just
> the core

This I strongly agree with.  Prior "minimum" installs certainly haven't
been so.  I'd personally like to see it only necessary to download one
smallish ISO to install an "Operating System".  Let me do something
extra to install any applications.  There's bound to be plenty of people
who want a box that only does one or two things, that don't need umpteem
gigs of stuff, at all.

> and 'install everything' is less valuable as they succeed in doing
> that.  What you don't get if you don't read the developers list is
> what is that they don't even agree on what is meant by 'install
> everything'

To me, I'd have thought install "everything" meant literally just that.
But it's clearly not a reasonable thing to do.  If you really did
install absolutely everything, you'd be installing stuff that just
wasn't usable, at the very least (kernels not for your CPU, etc.), and
there's bound to be things that are completely incompatible with each

Installing a really good database about what's available, what it does,
etc., would be a good thing to offer.  Far more useful than just dumping
everything and the kitchen sink.

The comment about languages is one that's close to the bone, here.  I'd
like a separate user-interface/localisations section, like we have
office, internet, etc.  Where you'd choose packages related to
languages, locales, international fonts, non-visual support, etc.
They're all related, but not all needed by all people.  e.g. You might
only need one locale for your country's conventions, but (you or all
your users) can read numerous languages, and you might want the fonts
for every language that might appear in web pages.  Being able to pick
and choose would be useful.

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