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Re: k3b - unsupported format

--- gary <garys mtaonline net> wrote:

> howdy - I ripped a cd to an mp3 file using
> sound-juicer. Now I am 
> attempting to burn the file to a cd using k3b.
> Unfortunately I keep 
> getting this message = Unable to handle the
> following files due to an
> unsupported format:  I have reinstalled both k3b and
> k3b-mp3 with no 
> change. I have been using k3b since fc1 was
> released, with few problems.
> Ideas ?    --gary 
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If you installed k3b-mp3, the problem should have been
taken care of.  Unless k3b defaulted back to its
original state, which does not support mp3 format.  
Did you 
#yum update k3b k3b-mp3  ?  

Is k3b fully updated?
12.10 or so?

Otherwise, the other advice I can give you is to use a
script to change to *.wav format and retry your burn
using k3b.  Burning wav to cd should be no problem. 
Grab one script from 

Best Regards,


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