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Re: Share /boot between fc3 and fc5?

On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 09:38:36AM -0500, Tony Nelson wrote:
> I'd like to install FC5t3 on my system, in a spare LVM partition.  I
> already have 4 basic partitions, one of which is my /boot.  I'd need to
> have FC3 and FC5t3 sharing /boot.  Do I need to do anything special when
> installing FC5t3?  Should I let the installer know about the real /boot and
> do its thing?  Should I have it put everything in the LVM partition and
> copy the relevent files from its /boot to the real one, and modify the
> grub.conf by hand?

Yes, you can do it. The process below is what I do when I move from
one major FC rev to the next. I have two 20 GB partitions, one root
for FC(n), the other for FC(n+1). They share /boot, /home, and a
partition for miscellaneous storage.

You should back /boot up entirely before you install. (Heck, you
should back *everything* up before the installation.) As you said
elsewhere, the file names will be different -- with one exception.

Do not allow the installation to write a new file system to /boot (or
anything other than the new root partition). Let the new installation
stomp on /boot/grub/grub.conf. Then boot to the new installation, and
use your backup copy of grub.conf to restore the stanzas for the old

You can share /home between them (if it's on its own partition), which
saves you a bit of configuration hacking. However, you may find that
the new versions of some apps change the config files to the point
where you cannot go backwards.

Once FC5 stable (ahem) is released, do a fresh installation! Then
start porting your old setup over by mounting read-only (ro) the old
root partition to the new one, and comparing files. Make a list of the
changes you make, so you have that list when FC6 comes out.

Works like a charm.


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