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Another backup question

Today's task is to identify the best method for my backup needs.  I want to 
take a day's work and archive it into existing directories on a server diskA, 
having first rsync'd server diskA and server diskB.

Part one - making a script to create the second generation backup onto diskB - 
is not a big problem.  What is a bigger problem is what to use for the second 
part.  Rsync does not seem to be the right tool for this.  I don't want all 
the older stuff copied back onto the workstation, I just want the new stuff 
added to the archive.  I'm mainly thinking of a photo archive.

I'm going to take a look at rdiff-backup, but would be interested to hear of 
any other suggestions to follow up.

BTW, I'm 800ft above sea-level, and out of reach of katrina ;-), but I'd still 
be burning CDs at regular intervals.


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