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Re: Sendmail authentication issue or spam?

Gbenga Shobowale wrote:
Thanks..however, I still get the same error..maybe I am doing something wrong....

On 3/12/06, *Neil Cherry* <ncherry comcast net <mailto:ncherry comcast net>> wrote:

    Gbenga Shobowale wrote:
     > Thanks but I really don't understand the mechanism to use... I
    think I
     > would have to understand that....I looked at the examples on the
     > internet and the U: was set to root...I: the username and P:password
     > given...
     > Could u please explain mechanism to use?
     > AuthInfo:cobranet.org <http://cobranet.org>
    <http://cobranet.org/> "U:user_authname" "P:password"
     > "M:mechanism_to_use"

    Hey you just reminded me how I got my mail working with auth:


    FEATURE(`authinfo',`hash /etc/mail/auth/client-info')dnl


    AuthInfo: smtp.host.com <http://smtp.host.com> "U:userid" "I:userid"
    AuthInfo:smtp.host.com:587 <http://smtp.host.com:587> "U:userid"
    "I:userid" "P:password"

    I remember compiling the mc file to get the cf file. I don't
    remember if there were any other changes.

Well for one thing I'd leave jsut the cobranet.org (you've problably
tried that).

I just checked my cf file and found this:

# "Smart" relay host (may be null)



# I remember this giving me some trouble where my user couldn't send
O UserDatabaseSpec=/etc/mail/userdb.db

Unfortunately it was a couple of years ago that I set this up
and I can't remember everything I did.

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