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Re: Sendmail authentication issue or spam?

Alexander Dalloz wrote:
Am So, den 12.03.2006 schrieb Neil Cherry um 20:39:

I just checked my cf file and found this:

# "Smart" relay host (may be null)

That does not work (I suspect you intend to contact the smart host on
port 587).

Works fine on my setup but I think you mean I have it setup wrong:


I'll look into this config change and see if I can get it to work
with my setup. I won't be able to change that for a while.


So far I do not see Gbenga Shobowale needs such a modification at all.

WRT the 587 port, yes you are correct. I did need it for mine as
the host I'm working with won't accept it on 25 (might be blocked
by my local ISP, I don't remember).

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