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2.6.15 -- unable to open an initial console


I am experimenting with the pristine kernel on an AMD dual
core CPU machine under FC3. The boot seems fine till i get to the

Freeing unused memory ...
"Warning: unable to open initial console".

This is the last message, and then nothing ever happens. Maybe this
message has nothing to do with the real error, but that is the last
information I can grab.

Everything works fine with previous kernel, except for
occasional crashes under high load, which is the reason for the attempt
to upgrade. I borrowed the old .config file from, and did
"make oldconfig", so most of the settings must have remained the same.
Then I also did a "make xconfig" just to have a better overview of what
new options have appeared. The kernel compiled seemingly without any problems.

By the way, when the old kernel is booted up, there is no such
warning about the console, and after the "Freeing unused memory" the
next lines are:

"Red HAT nash version 4.2.15 starting"

So maybe the problem is somewhere here.


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