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Re: Share /boot between fc3 and fc5?

Following up, now that I've done it.  All went well.

At 11:12 AM -0500 3/12/06, Tony Nelson wrote:
>At 8:31 PM -0700 3/11/06, Charles Curley wrote:
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>>On Sat, Mar 11, 2006 at 09:38:36AM -0500, Tony Nelson wrote:
>>> I'd like to install FC5t3 on my system, in a spare LVM partition.  I
>>> already have 4 basic partitions, one of which is my /boot.  I'd need to
>>> have FC3 and FC5t3 sharing /boot.  Do I need to do anything special when
>>> installing FC5t3?  Should I let the installer know about the real /boot and
>>> do its thing?  Should I have it put everything in the LVM partition and
>>> copy the relevent files from its /boot to the real one, and modify the
>>> grub.conf by hand?
>>Yes, you can do it. The process below is what I do when I move from
>>one major FC rev to the next. I have two 20 GB partitions, one root
>>for FC(n), the other for FC(n+1). They share /boot, /home, and a
>>partition for miscellaneous storage.
>OK, we're on the same wavelength.
>>You should back /boot up entirely before you install. (Heck, you
>>should back *everything* up before the installation.)
>Had decided to do that (/home, /boot, /etc, /usr/local -- /opt is empty).
>Also, I'll make a separate tarball of /boot so I won't have to grovel
>through the big backup to restor /boot if needed.
>>As you said
>>elsewhere, the file names will be different -- with one exception.
>>Do not allow the installation to write a new file system to /boot (or
>>anything other than the new root partition). Let the new installation
>>stomp on /boot/grub/grub.conf. Then boot to the new installation, and
>>use your backup copy of grub.conf to restore the stanzas for the old
>OK, I had hoped it would be no worse than that.  (I didn't quite hope it
>would know to /update/ my grub.conf.  Perhaps I should file a RFE.)

I told the installer to use a new LVM partition for /, and to use the
existing /boot Basic partition.  I told it not to install grub on the first
Basic partition (the only choice I could see), as I'm using NTLDR there.
It installed the new kernel, pictures, etc. to /boot, but made no change at
all to /boot/grub, so I added a stanza to boot the new installation.

>>You can share /home between them (if it's on its own partition), which
>>saves you a bit of configuration hacking. However, you may find that
>>the new versions of some apps change the config files to the point
>>where you cannot go backwards.
>I might try that sort of thing later, but not for a test release, and I'd
>have to re-partition.
>>Once FC5 stable (ahem) is released, do a fresh installation!
>Well, yes.  That's why I'm putting FC5t3 on its own partition.  If I do try
>an upgrade, it will be to a copy of my existion installation (copy to my
>spare partition, get it working again, try an upgrade install, look for any
>old packages, make sure they're up to date, look for any .rpmnew or .rpmold
>files, resolve them).
>>start porting your old setup over by mounting read-only (ro) the old
>>root partition to the new one, and comparing files. Make a list of the
>>changes you make, so you have that list when FC6 comes out.
>Via diff, or by hand as I think of them?
>>Works like a charm.
>Good to hear.  Thank you.

So now I have FC5t3 installed on along with FC3, and a couple of flavors of
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