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Re: kickstart install/ RHEL 4 update 2/ IBM Blade Center

Marc M wrote:

I am setting up a kickstart installation on an IBM blade server with RHEL 4
update 2.  There is a management server with a web interface that allows me
to restart blades, etc.  The management server is also the DHCP server and
they are all on 192 addresses.  The repository is on the management server
and there is a /tftpboot directory.

I am still having trouble with the services somewhere.  When it boots up to
(blade 1 for example), I get messages saying that it is looking for
DHCP....then an ARP timeout.  It does display the MAC address so the client
and server do connect.  I am pretty sure the PXE part is set up right as

I am not sure how to make ARP and/or TFTP not time out.  Is TFTP too wimpy
to use for this?  Should I be using ftp or http instead?  I have tried via
http and also via ftp and both times they have failed because I don't quite
get it to find the right information.

Methinks you're barking up the wrong tree.
Check dchpd messages in /var/logs/messages on the server to verify leases are being issued.

Snoop the traffic with tcpdump, ethereal or similar to see what's being said.

All the protocols work fine, it's more likely there's some misconfiguration.



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