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Re: dual head on fedora

On Sat, Jan 28, 2006 at 03:14:55PM -0600, Jim Patterson wrote:

> I was trying to set up a computer with dual head and install an ATI 9250 
> AGP card and an ATI 9250 PCI card.  When I go to display and select Dual 
> Head I can setup the card resolution and Color Depth and the monitor, 
> but even after reboot the second screen still doesn't show anything.  It 
> just stays blank.  Is there anything else I should look at.

Stays blank or stays off?  If it stays off, try this:

  * Configure X with only one screen
  * Restart X (telinit 3 then telinit 5)
  * Configure X with dual head enabled
  * Restart X (telinit 3 then telinit 5)

If the second head comes up, you're suffering the same problem as my
Matrox G550.  It needs to come up first in single head mode to turn on the
second video output before dual head mode works.  My solution:

  * Install rhgb
  * Configure X for one screen
  * Copy /etc/X11/xorg.conf to /etc/rhgb/xorg.conf
  * Configure X for dual head
  * Reboot

This triggers X in single screen mode to display the startup in graphics
mode, thus turning on the second monitor.  When you finally get to the
login screen and it switches to dual head, the second monitor is now on.

The irritating thing is that dual head used to work perfectly fine when I
was running RHL9, but sometime during the life of RHL9 a package was
updated that no longer initialised my G550 properly.

Regards, Msquared...

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