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Re: Backup script

Where would I put the weekly cron job? And how would I do the thing where I 
remove the month old stuff?


Chris Norman
<!-- chris norman4 ntlworld com -->
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On Sun, 2006-03-12 at 23:12 +0000, Chris Norman wrote:
> Hi people,
> I want to make a script that will b ack up users' home directories.
> I know how to make a tar ball, but I only want the script to run once 
> every
> week (I think with a cron job, but don't know how to do this), and I want 
> it
> to use the name of the directory as the tar ball. So, if I have 
> /home/chris,
> it will use /backup/chris.tar.tar. I also want it to check the time stamps
> of each file in the backup directory, and if they are over a month old,
> delete them. How would I implement this?
> I don't want the script written for me, just the knowledge to get started,
> articles, tutorials and stuff.
in general, write the script to do an ls of the /home directory to get
the user accounts to do a backup on.
then once you have that variable saved, use it to name the file and run
the tar command.
do the tar command in a loop so it can do the same for each needed

something like
cd /home
for file in `ls`
   { put your tar commands here using $file as the input directory
        and output file name
   the output file can be written anywhere you choose.}
should do it nicely.

> Cheers for that,
> Chris Norman
> <!-- chris norman4 ntlworld com -->

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