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Re: dhcpd.conf question

Bob Hartung:
>>> ddns-update-style      interim;
>> You have that (above), but don't have a corresponding zone file for it
>> to update.

John Summerfied:
> Unimportant. Mine doesn't either.

If one's not doing DDNS updates (updating a DNS server with DHCP
configured records), which sounds like it, then it's probably better to
directly specify so, than have a half-configured server.

i.e. ddns-update-style none;

> However, this line can be important: 
> authoritative;

Hmm, I'd have thought that'd only be needed if you had more than one
DHCP server on a network (a bad idea unless they're deliberated
configured to be co-operative), or if you used a PC on different
networks, but it may well be required.

Taken from the dhcpd.conf man file:

"Network administrators setting up authoritative DHCP servers for
their networks should always write authoritative; at the top of
their configuration file to indicate that the DHCP server should
send DHCPNAK messages to misconfigured clients.  If this is not
done, clients will be unable to get a correct IP address after
changing subnets until their old lease has expired, which could take
quite a long time."

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