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Re: Mutt Question

Chris Norman:
>>> At the minute, every time I send an e-mail to someone, it looks like
>>> it's coming from "God <root 192 168 0 132>", I'd like it as my
>>> address.

>> You're not using it logged in *as* root, are you?

Chris Norman:
> Yep. I do most things as root, because the only time I log in is to do root 
> things to the server.

Bad idea, plenty of examples why on the list and the www.

Those sorts of tasks don't stop you logging in as yourself *and* as
root, at the same time, and running the mail client as yourself.

Please FIX up your mail replies so that quoted text from prior messages
is indicated as BEING quoted text (the STANDARD way is with a > sign
prefixing their text, one set per generation, as above).  Just about all
of your messages are impossible to tell what's the prior posters words
and your own.  Making it hard to follow messages on a public mailing
list is not a good way to get help.

Don't send private replies to my address, the mailbox is ignored.
I read messages from the public lists.

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