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Re: DVD burning issue - more info

Anne Wilson wrote:
On Sunday 12 March 2006 23:39, Kostas Sfakiotakis wrote:

Greetings Anne,

Anne Wilson wrote:

On Sunday 12 March 2006 19:23, Anne Wilson wrote:

I'm trying to burn a data DVD with k3b (FC4), but keep getting the error
"growisofs did not exit cleanly".  Any ideas, please?

I tried xcdroast, and that seems to be looking for
/usr/bin/cdrecord.prodvd, which does not exist.  I've not seen this

That's perfectly logical . You see xcdroast is not a standalone programm
but actually is a frontend to cdrecord . In other words you see xcdroast
running with beautifull windows and the rest but the real job is done
by cdrecord. Now the original version of cdrecord was for writing CDs
( Audio, Data , mixed , you name it ) , cdrecord.prodvd is the
extension for writing DVDs . That's all that it is about .

I thought it was likely to be that, but where does it come from? --whatprovides says that no package provides cdrecord.prodvd

It probably told you that because it  tried to find it among the
programms that you have already installed . :(( The problem is
that am on a dialup connection and right now i have problems
to access the proper web page

freshmeat.net/projects/cdrecord/ - 101k - 11 Μαρ 2006

In other words go to the freshmeat web page of cdrecord and
read about the extension on writing DVD . It's the think you
are looking for .

#growisofs -R -J  -speed=8  -Z /dev/scd0 /Data

-R : stands for the Rockridge Extensions , well you need this
so that mkisofs will not produce a warning because you used -J
-J : stands for the Joliet Extensions . If the DVD you want to
write will be read sometime by a Computer running Microsoft
Windows then you need this .
-Z : you put the DVD Recorder device ( the above example was
when i was using a 2.4 kernel with the ide-scsi emulation )
/Data : is the directory that contains the data to be written
to the DVD

I did think about that, but didn't have the confidence to handle multiple directories and multiple exclusions.

I never had problems with growisofs but in any case , you can always
make the *.iso ( as Paul suggested ) and burn the iso . It would be a
surprise if growisofs would fail to burn an *.iso .


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