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International Chars cause backup problems

I have a number of files on my server that have international characters in 
their names.  My backups are constantly failing, with errors like this:

Incorrectly encoded string (Soy Loco por Ti, América) encountered.
Possibly creating an invalid Joliet extension. Aborting.

I could continue trying to find every instance of these characters, but it's 
very inefficient.  It seems to me that I have only ever used the character 
sets utf8, 8859-1 and 8859-15, yet setting kde to use any of them results in 
titles with spaces instead of the international characters.  I presume that 
only file labels are causing problem - there will be strings in text 
documents as well.

I've installed convmv, which is supposed to deal with converting character 
sets, but it seems to me that the biggest problem is knowing which files need 
conversion.  I don't particularly want it to go through the whole drive 
converting everything unnecessarily.  

Any ideas how I can ascertain which character sets were used in naming these 
files, and how to list all files using that encoding?  Or any other way of 
tackling the problem?


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