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Replacement mailer for Thunderbird

I have a friend who has made the jump to Fedora
from windows and likes it.  This is a non-technical
person.  I have had them using Firefox and Thunderbird
and firefox.  They recently bought one of the less expensive
LCD monitors.  This monitor has a max resolution of
800x600.  The address book editing panel in Tbird is 700
pixels tall and non scrollable.  There is no way to get
to the OK button.  This has been in bugzilla for Tbird
since 2003.  I checked Tbird 1.5 under FC5T3 and it is not

I am hoping members of the list could make 
recommendations for an alternative to Thunderbird
which would involve minimal retraining for the user.  The user
has normal pop3 account to access their mail server on
cox.net and need to be able to process attachments such as
film clips, pictures, word documents, etc.

Thanks for any suggestions.

Robert E. Styma
Principal Engineer (DMTS)
Lucent Technologies, Phoenix
Email: stymar lucent com / styma swlink net
Phone: 623-582-7323  Cell: 602-478-0114
Company:  http://www.lucent.com
Personal: http://www.styma.org

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