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Re: How to find the ip of a mac-address

Andy Green wrote:
> Dan Track wrote:
>> Thanks for the reply. But its not what I needed. Basically I don't
>> know anything about this desktop, I don't even have console access.
>> The only way I can find it is by the IP, but I only know the
>> mac-address, where can I go from here. BTW it's a linux desktop.
> If your box has touched this box recently, try
> arp
> To increase the chances of interaction between your boxes (and everyone
> elses on your segment)
> ping -b <broadcast ads>
> eg
> ping -b
> then do the arp
> -Andy
One refinement I like when doing this is to use:

ping -c1 -b
/sbin/arp -n

That way, you are only sending out one ping. But this will fail if
the machine you are looking for does not respond to pings, if it
is on another subnet, or on the other side of a gateway device.
(Any route to another machine that goes through a gateway will show
the MAC address of the gateway.)


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