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Re: email/groupware solution ?

On Monday 13 March 2006 19:47, Craig White wrote:
> recognize that the ONLY groupware solution that I am aware of that
> allows both Evolution and Outlooks fat clients is Novell's groupwise and
> that probably is dependent upon at least Evolution 2.2.x (FC-4 or newer)
> and Evolution is PITA to build separately since it really is entirely
> bundled into gnome.
> Once you have conceded the ground to Outlook as the fat client for
> Windows, the groupware solutions vary in terms of the amount of features
> that Outlook can utilize AND you must purchase the client connectors for
> Outlook.

I had read about this and not happy with the connector stuff.
I'm not stuck with any client, so I have all options open. I just need a good 
one for Linux and a good one for Windows. Best is an open source solution to 
me, otherwise I will only use the calendar via the web interface and hope for 
a solution in the near future (or write something myself, although I think 
I'll have no time for that with having two jobs already).

> While it appears that Kronolith (Horde's calendaring software) is web
> only, it is capable of some interaction with other clients and they are
> doing their best to support calendaring standards of which there really
> aren't any. I think it is possible to use sunbird and other clients that
> utilize icalendar format.

Didn't realise that. Thanks again !

I'm going to spend the rest of this evening reading more about Horde and 
perhaps even try it this evening.


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