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Re: email/groupware solution ?

On Mon, 2006-03-13 at 20:02 +0100, Marcel Janssen wrote:
> On Monday 13 March 2006 11:51, Axel Thimm wrote:
> > After some investigation I ended up with opengroupware as a
> > candidate. It looks like people had been successfully using it with
> > dovecot. I'll be packaging it up at ATrpms (maybe in the testing
> > section).
> It would be great to have these at ATrpms.
> I haven't tried dovecot and didn't even know it existed. I'm actually stil 
> figuring out how to get mail working well. Thanks for pointing this out.
> > I also like horde a lot, but the integration with other clients like
> > evolution's calendaring isn't there, and having a web-only calendaring
> > is sometimes bothersome.
> Correct, but in my case it is only useful when I can have this on both windows 
> and Linux and I think evolution doesn't run on windows or am I wrong here ?
> Having evolution on Linux and another client for windows would also be fine 
> though.
recognize that the ONLY groupware solution that I am aware of that
allows both Evolution and Outlooks fat clients is Novell's groupwise and
that probably is dependent upon at least Evolution 2.2.x (FC-4 or newer)
and Evolution is PITA to build separately since it really is entirely
bundled into gnome.

Once you have conceded the ground to Outlook as the fat client for
Windows, the groupware solutions vary in terms of the amount of features
that Outlook can utilize AND you must purchase the client connectors for

While it appears that Kronolith (Horde's calendaring software) is web
only, it is capable of some interaction with other clients and they are
doing their best to support calendaring standards of which there really
aren't any. I think it is possible to use sunbird and other clients that
utilize icalendar format.


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