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Re: GCC 4.0.3 in FC 4

In particular, 26074, as discussed in this thread:


and the following bug:

which according to GCC developers was already fixed in 4.0.x, but
fedora does not work on this.


> Can you mention which ones?
> In between what we shipped in FC 4 updates (based on 20051126 snapshot
> from gcc-4_0-branch) and now there were just 5 Fortran frontend fixes
> and one libgfortran fix.  That's orders of magnitude below the threshold
> for respining gcc rpms, so if there is a FC 4 gcc update (certainly not in
> the next two months or so), it definitely won't be because of Fortran.
> Compare that e.g. with 55 Fortran frontend changes between GCC 4.0.2 release
> and what was included in FC 4 update.
> If you need Fortran fixes, you definitely should upgrade to FC 5 and use
> gcc 4.1, Fortran bugfixes are usually no longer backported to GCC 4.0
> and there were hundreds of Fortran bugfixes between 4.0.x and 4.1.
>	Jakub

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