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Re: Delist this person: From: petsupermarket

On Monday 13 Mar 2006 18:24, Mike McCarty wrote:
> David Fletcher wrote:
> >
> > I don't know anything about running a list server, so this might be a
> > daft idea, but would it be possible to get the server to strip, say, six
> > characters from in front of or after the '@' character in the reply-to
> > address before accepting postings? Then we could all add the appropriate
> Please, not before. That is a major pain in the lower back for
> admins.
> Mike
> --

Thinking about this some more, if I understand it properly, the cretin is 
exploiting the reply-to email address in every message after it has left the 
list. So there would be no point in the list subscribers doing anything to 
invalidate their own addresses before sending postings to the list.

To my mind, what would do the job would be the addition of some characters 
somewhere in the subscriber's email reply-to address before sending postings 
back out to the list of members. That would only need to be done once per 
posting, so it would be very easy on computing resources if it were possible.

For instance, if my email address could be changed from fc fletchersweb net to 
fc fletcdefghhersweb net before sending out postings to the subscribers there 
would be virtually no chance of it being a valid email address, so the 
cretin's auto reply would not be able to spam the members.

But on the odd occasions that members need to make contact off list, the 
pattern would be obvious. So pretty soon the cretin would stop being a bloody 
nuisance to everybody.

Dave F

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