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Re: Configure sendmail to reject mail for unknown users?

Am Mo, den 13.03.2006 schrieb Timothy Alberts um 23:56:

> I should ask a sendmail list, but this is the most responsive,
> knowledgable group I've ever dealt with so...
> How can I configure sendmail to reject mail for users that don't exist?

You don't have to do anything to get this behaviour: that is the

> One of the annoying things that happens to my FC4 mail server all the
> time is spammers/viruses will use fake accounts such as
> 'fakeadmin mydomain com' and my server always takes it because the
> domain is correct.  It just gets delivered to the
> postmaster mydomain com , I'd rather it not get into my server at all.

Then you misconfigured something.

> I think there are milters for sendmail to check against LDAP, but I
> don't know the details of it yet, and I don't have an LDAP setup for the
> my domain yet (still learning).  I was wondering if there is a way just
> to configure sendmail to reject mail if it has a To: CC: or BCC: of a
> user that doesn't really exist for a domain.

What is your setup now? Do you use virtusertable? If yes, then use a
catchall for each domain like this:

@domain.tld             error:nouser no such user here


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