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Re: Having trouble getting GUI to work on HP NetServer LH3R

Thanks for the reply...there's an insane amount of main applications updates availible via YUM...but is there a way I can just via yum install the needed system updates? Thanks!

On 3/12/06, Craig White <craigwhite azapple com> wrote:
On Sun, 2006-03-12 at 22:11 -0800, Hex Star wrote:
> Hi, I've just installed Fedora Core 4 via text installer because the
> graphic installer was destorted beyond use...and the main GUI after
> installation is also distorted :-(..I've tried via rescue mode to edit
> the X config and have tried changing the HorizSync and VertRefresh to
> values mentioned by Windows and by Knoppix, neither of which
> worked...also tried changing the driver to svga as suggested by
> Knoppix in its X config but that didn't work because Fedora doesn't
> seem to have that display driver...the graphic card in question is a
> Cirrus Logic GD544x and the monitor is a Dell V15x...don't have the X
> config handy because my only access is via terminal (Knoppix says it
> doesn't recognize the drives partition and thus can't mount it :-( )
> but can type it up by hand if you guys really need it to help
> me...anyone have a working X config for this hardware setup? Would
> greatly appreciate any help, thanks!
make sure that you do a yum update as root from command line before you
fool around with it any more...the original installation for FC-4 was
broken for certain video cards and the updates should fix things for

After the updates...try 'system-config-display --reconfig'


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