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Re: routing VS nat

> Sorry for the delay, I lost this thread somehow...
> Anyway, you were almost there: iptables -F -t nat
> Without -t, all commands affect only the filter table by default. The
> permanent configuration is in /etc/sysconfig/iptables, btw.
> Cheers
> Steffen.


Thanks for the follow-up. Based on tcpdump, I believe I was able to get
my system to act like a router, but it looks like the VPN switch on the
other end doesn't really work the way I need it to. It will do branch
office VPNs, but it won't do the routing correctly when you connect in
this way. I guess since it isn't making a true branch office connection
the vpn switch assumes it's a single client. So we were unable to get it
to handle the routing correctly on that end.

So I guess it's back to the drawing board of trying to figure out how to
get this ip phone to work using NAT. It may be an impossible situation. 


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