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Re: DVD burning issue

On Monday 13 March 2006 13:16, Paul Howarth wrote:
>Gene Heskett wrote:
>> On Monday 13 March 2006 08:00, Paul Howarth wrote:
>>>cdrecord -prcap
>> Thanks for the cluex4 Paul.  The response I get to that command,
>> confirms that my drive, a
>> does not do DVD+RW disks, and thats what I have on the shelf, bought
>> for a previous LITE-ON drive that did do them.  So I have about 45
>> unusable disks unless the poster who said he could use them by
>> manually fixating them can post his method to do so.
>That was me too, but it was for DVD+R media, not DVD+RW.
># cdrecord -v -fix

Getting curious like that famous cat, I just put one of those +RW dvd's 
in the tray, opened k3b, selected 'new data dvd project' (or whatever 
it says there) clicked on the open file dialog, found my 2.3GB music 
dir, and drag-n-dropped it into the left hand panel of k3b. It took a 
survey and showed me a half filled disk bar,  I clicked on 'burn', 
growisofs was reported to being used against a DVD+RW disk, it started 
the burn a few seconds later, and about 8 minutes later I reclosed the 
drawer on the now warm disk, found a shell, mounted it, and voila!  It 
looks like its all there, with absolutely no hassle of any kind.

I hadn't tried to burn a dvd since I'd put this drive in.  The last time 
I tried it with the older drive, also a LITE-ON 410 IIRC, it had failed 
3 disks in a row, and I'd given up.  But then it quit doing CD's too, 
gradually doing such a light burn that you couldn't see where the burn 
ended.  Such is the life of a laser I guess.  Seemed to me like it 
shoulda burnt more than the about 100 CD's it did burn though...

I hope this LITE-ON lasts better than the last one.

Does anyone know if this drive does dual layer too?
Its an SOHW-1673S.  And hasn't been flashed. Straight out of the box.

Cheers, Gene
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