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Re: bacula server

Craig White wrote:
On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 01:48 -0700, RYAN M. vAN GINNEKEN wrote:

Thanks again mostly u/we got it to work so far. However it is asking for a pile of dependancies. I know give a guy an inch and he will try to take a mile or km here in Canada. Is there a way to install without any gui stuff or mabey i am wrong mabey there is no gui stuff. Some of the dependancies for those dependancies are X11 related. I do not have any X11 stuff on this box it has no xwindows/gnome system and is minimum install Command prompt only. So before i go ahead and make a big mess of my faily clean fedora box do i really need all these or is there a way to turn some of them off. Thanks again and sorry about top post i think my clock was messed up not sure how it happend but should be fixed now.

perhaps then bacula isn't the right package for your needs as some of
the tools are GUI.

Perhaps you want to use something like amanda which is already in the
packaging, fully cli and very effective.

I use bacula at home without the GUI; gconsole isn't much more than a terminal emulator sat on top of bconsole anyway, isn't it?


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