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Re: Disable Root Recovery

> One way of doing it is to use a live CD (e.g. Knoppix) and mounting the
> Fedora drives, then resetting the root password. I understand that the
> Fedora recovery CD can do this as well. Alternatively, you could just
> temporarily install the hard drive in another PC.

Thanks... it is recommended from all the replies I've got... And now it works :)

> Another way is to play with the kernel command line in grub, asking the
> kernel to use a shell instead of init.
> Obviously, this all needs physical access.
> > And if so... I want it to be completely unrecoverable.. How can I do that ?
> You would have to have an encrypted root filesystem. Googling suggests
> http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/7743 might be one place to start.

I'll take a look at it.

> Please note that you will be leaving standard Fedora behind. You will
> have to put something like exclude=initscripts in your /etc/yum.conf,
> and you will not be able to (easily) upgrade this box from one Fedora
> version to another: you will have to repeat the whole process.
> Hope this helps,
> James.

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