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Re: RAID 5 Multiple Hard-drives failure

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 08:21 -0500, Reuben D. Budiardja wrote:

> So my questions having said all that, is there any thing else other than a 
> real hard-drive problem that would cause something like this ? 
> In other words, could the problem be in the controller, motherboard, etc other 
> than the hard drive itself that would cause hard-drives to fail like that ? 
> Or is it just Maxtor makes bad drives ? 
> Or is a consumer level hard-drive just cannot be used for this kind of work 

>From my experience on systems' admin (almost 20 years now), is that this
kind of failure might be to some of this issues:

- electrical problems: Have seen many drives failures due to
inappropiate grounding of the electrical installation, lightning coming
thru the electrical network, etc. This is the most important
(underestimated) cause of failure in my case.

- controller (in this case, motherboard) failure: sometimes is not the
drive that fails, but the controller, rendering the disks useless.

- bad drive quality/bad drive manufacturing lot: while at IBM, I've seen
a whole lot of drives (remember that it was manuf. at Hungary) that
failed after a year of service (hi-end drives used in Shark disk
systems). Sometimes, this things happen.

So, try to eliminate the first two causes, and then blame the disks.
Sometimes it is not the most obvious but the least...

Just my 2 cents,

Mariano López Reta <mlreta alternativagratis com>
Tortuguitas, Buenos Aires, Argentina

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