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Re: Brother 1440 printer on Fedora Core 4

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 10:58 -0500, Neil Cherry wrote:
> Eric Beversluis wrote:
> > On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 10:34 -0500, Neil Cherry wrote:
> >> Eric Beversluis wrote:
> >>> On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 09:32 -0500, Neil Cherry wrote:
> >>>> Eric Beversluis wrote:
> >>>>> Help! I need my printer (Brother 1440). I've already spent two days
> >>>>> trying to get it up. I've learned a good bit about how printing works on
> >>>>> Linux, but haven't had success. (This printer always ran automatically
> >>>>> with my old Mandrake 10.1 install.)
> >>>>>
> >>>>> I've just installed Core 4 on a Sony PCG-SRX77. (I also installed
> >>>>> (server installation) on a Dell OptiPlex, but I haven't tried to get the
> >>>>> printer going there yet.)
> >>>>>
> >>>>> Brother has two drivers, one for lpd and one as a
> >>>>> "cupswrapper" (whatever that is). The lpd rpm needs to be installed
> >>>>> before the cupswrapper rpm. When I tried to install the lpd rpm I got
> >>>>> this error message:
> >>>>>
> >>>>>     /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.48389: line 2: /etc/init.d/lpd: No such file or 
> >>>>>        directory
> >>>>>     error: %post(hl1440lpr-1.1.2-1.i386) scriptlet failed, exit status 
> >>>>>       127
> >>>> Before installing the lpd driver you need to link lpd to cups in
> >>>> /etc/init.d. Then install the lpd driver. Then install the
> >>>> cups driver.
> >>> But as nearly as I can tell, lpd isn't there anywhere (it doesn't show
> >>> up in 'ps -e' either. I'm confused.
> >> Read the directions on the Brother page. That what they state, I did
> >> it then I removed the link afterwards. Then I loaded up the cups
> >> driver. I don't know why but that's the way it worked. I'm using
> >> a HL2070N.
> > 
> > OK. I'll try that. It seems strange to link an non-running and
> > apparently nonexisting daemon to something. But if it worked for you I'm
> > game.  I'll let you know what happens.
> I think it stops the rpm from running the post install script. The
> problem I had was selecting the correct URI for the networked
> printer. I finally got http://printer/ipp/port1 to work and not
> split out a billion blank pages.

It seems to have worked--anyway I've had a test page print out OK. We'll
see what happens when I reboot (I had it printing once before--don't
know how--and rebooting screwed things up). Apparently the instruction
on page

"To use this driver, you must ensure that the LPR printing system is
installed and running on your Linux distribution."

was a red herring.
Thanks for the help
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