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Re: Rpms for 'Other' distributions

Anne Wilson wrote:
When I can't find a package with yum, I wonder whether it is safe to install a package simply designated 'Other' such as

I assume these packages are safe enough, but does it mean that they are so generic that they will work, but not necessarily be optimised?


This question raises a "Public Relations" question.

Package management is one area that Linux is losing in Public Relations. The ease of installing applications. On a forum there is a discussion about WindowsXP, Visa and Linux. The question of installing applications on Windows keeps coming up as how easy it is in comparison to Linux.

This also leads to the issue of where are the applications installed. The same application may not install all the files in the same spot.

I have used RPM's from other "distros" and ran rpm -ivh --test before trying to install. I cannot remember any particular application that I have had any problems with.

Robin Laing

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