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Re: RAID 5 Multiple Hard-drives failure

Bob Chiodini wrote:
> Reuben,
> Open up the case and find an unused drive power connector.  Measure the
> voltage between the yellow and black, should be ~12VDC.  The voltage
> between the red and black should be ~5VDC.  I'm not sure what the
> tolerances are for your drives, maybe it's on their website.  As a rule
> of thumb, I'd not let the 12V get below 11.9V or above 12.1V (about
> 10%). The 5V should be above 4.8V and below 5.1V.  These are guidelines.
> The last time I opened a PC power supply the 12 and 5 volt supplies were
> not independently adjustable.
> Your BIOS may also tell you these voltages, along with various
> temperatures.  lm_sensors might work as well.
> Bob...   
One thing to be carefull about when doing these types of
measurements is to first make sure that the meter is properly
calibrated. This is especially true of low cost meters.

Try hooking several different digital meters to the same source,
and compare the readings. If they have not been calibrated, you
will probably get different reading on each one. The difference
is not a problem for most people, but it makes a big difference
when testing computer supply voltages!


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