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Re: International Chars cause backup problems

On Tuesday 14 March 2006 15:10, Tim wrote:
> That would matter for the character encoding of the file content, what
> I'm referring to, and you're having problems with, is the file names.
> It's a separate issue, but both can cause you problems.  File names need
> to be what they're expected to be, and the content in a format that can
> be read.  Some things can assess a file and deal with that themselves,
> others will expect the files to already be in a specific format.
Perhaps you could explain this to me?  When I first found a photo with a name 
that had contained one of those characters I deleted the apparent spaces and 
put a normal e in their place, but when k3b read it it knew that there should 
have been an accented e in there.

> Now after changing file names *for* the backup, what happens when you
> restore them?  Do you end up with two similarly named files?  Or will
> your backup directly replace the original?
I try to get to this, this evening and report back.  Remember, though, that I 
simply burned the files to disk.  It was not a 'proper' backup, i.e. not a 
tarred collection to be restored.


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