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Re: Delist this person: From: petsupermarket

On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 18:19 -0700, Craig White wrote:
> in far less time that it took to write the above, you could have
> searched the archives for Warren Togami's comments on this exact
> subject,

I didn't have to. I know Warren's comments, since I read the list.

>  but you were so hell bent on talking about what **they** should
> do that you see nothing else but your own opinions and your own
> solutions.

I'm not hell-bent on anything, I'm not affected by the UOL issue, and
I'm not telling anyone what to do. You must be mistaking me for somebody
else. What I posted was triggered by the expressed views that nothing
could be done other than "every man for himself" and "sending cruise
missiles to Brazil". I'm not interested in list politics, only technical

> You can keep harping on this if you wish. It is simply pissing into the
> wind. Indulge yourself all you wish.

I'm quite puzzled about what could make you say something like this. But
I'll leave it at that.

To all those you emailed me directly, you can stop wasting your time as
I'm not inclined to discuss list topics in private. That just doesn't
scale too well.


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