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Re: Replacement mailer for Thunderbird

Turns out searches on this screen are somewhat weird.  Specs for the screen
say it works at 1280x1024, but even on Windows 2000, I cannot go beyond 800x600
without the the "unsupported video mode"  message.  It is a Hyundai B70A.  One
of the windows compatiblity web pages says it worked with Gnome but not with KDE.
That is really strange.  There may also be dependencies on which video card is
being used.  I tweeked the xorg.conf screen-display section to add 1024x768 to the
modes line.  I will see if I can get that tested, however I seem to recall trying
this when they first bought the monitor.

I also use system-config-display to tweek the monitor.  I just have to remember to
put the VNC lines back in after the program gets done with xorg.conf.  Fortunately,
even if I mess up the screen, vnc will still work.  I just need to have someone
sit in front of the screen to tell me if they can see anything.

Bob Styma

Bob, stupid question maybe - but unsupported video mode, in my experience, does not always mean unsupported resolution.

Are you sure it's not just your refresh rate getting in the way? i.e. Do you have the refresh rate set higher than the display allows?

Check your refresh settings if you have not already.

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