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Re: acpi

Eric Beversluis wrote:
I've just installed Fedora Core 4 on my Sony PCG-SRX77 and noticed that
I don't seem to have any acpi running. It also does not appear under
Desktop, System Settings, Server Settings as an option to choose or
under Add/Remove Programs. (I do see acpid, which is check-marked as
selected, but that's not the same thing, is it?)

I always had it before (with Mandrake 10.1). It never was very accurate
regarding remaining battery life, but I would like to have some
indication on the screen. Also I'd like some hibernate/sleep/suspend
kind of function. Does that come from acpi or some other service/app?


There are applets that you can add to the panel for monitoring and controlling certain functions. there is a cpu scaling applet for changing frequency. There is the gnome-power-manager for adjusting the actions taken when the lid is closed, the computer is on either AC or battery power. (time to suspend, hibernate or power-off computer) From the system menu for FC5, there is a suspend choice you could use instead of suspend. Also there are applications like GKrelluM from extras repositories to monitor thermal, fan speeds and other system states.

I'll exit from the vague knowledge that I have regarding all the apps, applets for accessing all of the acpi functionalities .

The features are there.


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