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fc4 configuring qlogic cards ?


I have a Dell 2550 installed with FC4. It boots and sees internal
drives, but there is a problem seeing a Powervault 660F connected via 2
qlogic cards.

So far, I think I have the driver loaded, ie

lsmod | grep qla
qla2200                90817  0
qla2xxx                98897  1 qla2200
scsi_transport_fc      31425  1 qla2xxx
scsi_mod              136457  7

however I see nothing under /proc/scsi/scsi other than internal SCSI drives

can anyone shed some light as to what needs to be done after this ?

>From googling, it appears that there was a big change on how this is
configured from 2.4 kernel to 2.6 and that I need to do something with
dmmultipath, but I cannot find a definitive reference ?



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