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Re: Best ways to set up LVM

David Limon Romero wrote:
Hello list

I'm starting to play with lvm with a single HD, but before, I would like to know what are the best ways to configure it for future growing, I mean, if the disk is full and then I add a second HD, what could I do without losing data, resizing logical volumes, etc.


I have done exactly what you are talking about with my first attempt at LVM. It is easy and just look at the LVM documentation.

I moved to LVM, copied data from non-LVM drives, converted the old drives to LVM and then added them to the LVM in just a few hours. Most of the time was taken up with transferring data and rebooting the computer (changing wiring).

For a start.

The only thing that had me stumped was the resizing the file system.
  man resize2fs
Saved the day.

I also played with the
  Desktop > System Settings > Logical Volume Management.

I don't have all the details here as I did this at home.

I won't setup data drives without LVM again.

Robin Laing

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