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how to silence error output from NIC

Hello, list users,

Running FC4. Don't think this is specifically a Fedora issue but I know this is where the brains are ;)

I recently added some AirLink 10/100/1000 network cards with the RealTek 8169 chips. They appear to function well with the exception of one _very_ annoying trait. If there is no carrier, i.e. no cable attached or the other end of the cable is down, they spew:

    ethX: r8169: PHY reset until link up".

This is not a problem in runlevel 5, but in lesser runlevels this is output directly to the console every few seconds, more or less making the console useless for a workspace.

I've tried redirecting output to /dev/null in /etc/modprobe.conf but that didn't do anything or I didn't do it correctly.

Does anybody know how to silence these beasts, or at least to direct their plaints to the bit bucket?

Thanks for any help!
Mike Wright :m)

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