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Re: acpi

Dave Jones wrote:
On Tue, Mar 14, 2006 at 11:02:46PM -0500, Mauriat Miranda wrote:
 > On 3/14/06, Jim Cornette <fc-cornette insight rr com> wrote:
 > > Eric Beversluis wrote:
 > > > I've just installed Fedora Core 4 on my Sony PCG-SRX77 and noticed that
> > Just installed FC4 > > > There are applets that you can add to the panel for monitoring and
 > > controlling certain functions. there is a cpu scaling applet for
 > > changing frequency. There is the gnome-power-manager for adjusting the
 > > actions taken when the lid is closed, the computer is on either AC or
 > > battery power. (time to suspend, hibernate or power-off computer)
 > >  From the system menu for FC5, there is a suspend choice you could use
 > > instead of suspend.
> > FC5?
 > I know some applets exist for FC4, but I don't recall seeing suspend
 > option in the menu in FC4 default install of Gnome, or for that matter
 > gnome-power-manager.

FC4 lacks the infrastructure work (pm-utils, mkinitrd etc) for
hibernate/suspend to work.  It's still not perfect in FC5, but
at least now we have something to build on.

The FC4 kernel also completely lacks suspend to disk support,
due to the missing userspace bits.


Thanks for the work to get suspend/hibernate in FC5 working somewhat, depending upon hardware mixes.

I guess there are changes, decent improvements in FC5 rather than a few updated applications.

Network problems with hibernate other items seem to be alright. Suspend, not working for me, blank screen when woken up and no keyboard responsiveness.


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