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Re: yum update hanging on db4-4.3.27-5.fc4.i386

Andy Green wrote:

John DeDourek wrote:

It appears that this morning's manual
  "yum update"
is hanging.
It reported that it would update to
It passed the transaction test; the last few lines showing are:

Transaction Test Succeeded
Running Transaction
 Updating   : db4                ##################### [1/6]

Then nothing more.  Has anyone else seen this?  How do I
back out of this without hosing the system?

When pad things like this happen it is sometimes only a post or pre
install script that is hung.  Go to another console and use ps -Af to
try to identify what may have been spawned by the yum process via
rpmlib.  For example it might spawn something that somehow is hung
waiting for userinput.  If you identify such a thing, use the PID from
ps to kill it and your yum may resume.


Thanks for the suggestion.

At the moment "ps -ef" shows the yum process as
root  13377 13339 0 09:18 pts/2 0:00:03 /usr/bin/python \
        /usr/bin/yum update
There are no subprocesses, i.e. no processes with parent 13377
Only other processes linked to "pts/2" are
   su -
the latter of which is parent of yum.

Other information:
-- selinux is running enabled/permissive
-- there are no "interesting" messages in /var/log/messages
-- /var/lib/rpm has no files with modification dates from today
-- /var/run has yum.pid dated today has the correct PID: 13377
-- /proc/13377 shows the State of the process as "S (sleeping)"

Anyone have an idea how to find out what it is "sleeping" on?
What's it waiting for?

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